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Four X Lift adds a seat riser to the standard model. You can have conversation on eye-to-eye level and reach for higher positioned objects, and drive around while seated higher. The chassis and seat positioning ensure that you will have a comfortable ride. Four X DL Lift gives you independence and the possibility to manage by yourself in situations where you perhaps have earlier needed a personal assistant or specially equipped transport.

Reach elevated levels while sitting and accomplish tasks requiring this at home, at work, and in schools.

Four X DL Lift enables users to:


Technical data:

Width 695 mm (with wide tyres 745 mm)
Weight without batteries 149kg
Maximum speed

10 km/h

Motors 4 x 250W
Drive distance ~35 km
User max weight 125 kg
Slope climbing capacity 20°
Maximum obstacle climbing ability 150 mm
Turning radius 1,15m
Seating height without pillows 6" tyres: 550 mm
  8" tyres: 570 mm